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Hunting Upland Birds at Ringneck Farm Game Bird Hunting Preserve

Guided hunts - Hunters are responsible to pay the guides directly. Guide fees are $100.00 for the hunt. The hunt time is from 10:00 to 2:00. Gratuity is appreciated.


Self-guided hunts - Bring your own dog/dogs and enjoy a hunt with good flight birds. We offer a generous area to hunt with your own dogs.


We will provide hunts  October through the end of December


                                                                                   Hunting Packages      

We will put together any combination of birds for your hunt.

Prices for the packages are determined with the amount of birds in any combination using the following prices:


Per-Bird Prices

 Birds may also be purchased individually


Quail - Our mature quail are flight ready for your hunting adventure. $12.00 each










Chukars - A very tasty bird that flies much like a pheasant. $15.00 each







Pheasant- A large fast flying game bird sure to provide excitement when they flush. $22.00 each 













Safety - Your safety is very important to us. We require you to wear hunter orange while in the fields upland hunting and we strongly suggest you use safety glasses and ear protection. We can provide all if necessary.

Missouri Hunting permit is required.



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